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Sulphate- & silicone-free care shampoo gently cleanses hair, while maintaining colour brilliance for longer. Shine Restoring shampoo protects hair against premature colour fading with specially developed colour protection complex for up to 69% higher colour durability with a radiant shine. 

  • Hair colour remains vibrant for longer and natural sea extracts protect against UV radiation and environmental aggressors 
  • Seals the hair cuticles to prevent colour pigment loss for long-lasting beautiful colour 

Shine and Colour Restoring Shampoo

SKU: 4040218719857
GST Included |
  • Evenly distribute Shampoo Vital Protection Couleur into hair and on the scalp. Lather with a little water, lightly massage the scalp and carefully knead the hair with the fingers. Then rinse thoroughly with water, repeat twice followed by conditioner.

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