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Structure Restoring Treatment is an at home two-phase care system to nourish and restore the hair’s structure, and protect it against premature colour fading. This treatment set includes:

Structure Restoring Spray 50ml

Deep conditioning leave-in spray regenerates hair structure internally with molecular hair protection complex. It is formulated with: 

  • Natural amino acid cysteine traps damaging components of chemical treatments, maintains and creates new links of sulphur bonds within hair 
  • Magnesium mineral salt strengthen and stabilises the hair by cross-linking salt bonds
  • Keratin and Wheat Protein restructures and strengthens hair to prevent breakage 
  • Extract of sea kale protects hair against UV radiation to prevent premature colour fading 


Structure Restoring Mask 100ml

Intensive conditioning treatment mask with molecular protection complex regenerates hair structure externally. It is formulated with: 

  • Camellia oil and argan oil strengthens hair structure and moisturises hair without weighing it down 
  • Wheat germ extract maintains colour brilliance for longer 
  • Extract of sea kale protects against UV radiation and environmental influences 
  • Sugar beet copolymer smooths hair surface for softness 
  • Ceramides repair damaged areas in the hair shaft

Colour Protection Structure Restoring Treatment

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