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Pack of 7 Capsule's. The cell-active hydro miracle combines the intensive effect of hyaluronic acid with natural plant active ingredients such as rock samphire and Salicornia Herbacea from the sea. The hydro lipogel structure visibly smoothens the skin, strengthens the natural hydro-lipid balance and intensifies cell cohesion. At the same time, the skin’s own ceramide synthesis is stimulated by an incredible 43 percent and the skin’s own DNA cell protection system is strengthened. The skin is more resistant to damaging environmental influences, is rapidly calmed again and its original balance is restored. Thanks to La Capsule Hydratante, the skin looks visibly fresher and more youthful.

La Capsule Hydratante

SKU: 4040218750874
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  • To open the capsule seal of La Capsule Hydratante twist several times or cut off. Gently apply the lipogel with your fingertips to cleansed, toned skin and allow to absorb. Note: Always store the capsules in a closed, cool and dry place.

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